Help C&SC fight the London classic car ban


C&SC is calling on enthusiasts to help to oppose London Mayor Boris Johnson's proposal to ban classic cars from the centre of the capital. Not only would the Ultra Low Emissions Zone exclude classics from the Congestion Charge Zone, it could spell disaster for events such as the Regent Street Motor Show.

As it stands no exemptions to the draft proposal have been hinted at or confirmed and there are fears that classic cars could bear the brunt of legislation aimed at other vehicles.

Classic & Sports Car's Group Editor James Elliott said: "When we revealed the threat a few days ago, it was greeted with outcry from enthusiasts so we are taking positive action.

"Even though there are some 800,000 pre-1981 classic cars in the UK, their contribution to pollution is so tiny it is virtually immeasurable yet they will be just as affected by this as the heavily polluting diesel vehicles that this is intending to curb.

"Classic cars constitute a £4.5billion business employing nearly 30,000 people in the UK and there are many dealers and support industries within the proposed area that could be driven out of business, as well as owners living within the zone who would find driving their own cherished car outlawed overnight. We are not talking about old bangers here, but pieces of history that have been lovingly preserved for generations.

"Plus, the prospect of an event such as the Brighton Run, immortalised in the film Genevieve, being stopped completely or forced to find an alternative start point after more than a century is unthinkable.

"That event perfectly sum up what our hobby is all about, it is not just a selfish indulgence, but sharing something with people that brings a smile to their faces. It would be a shame to see that smile wiped out by ill-thought-out legislation."

As a result C&SC has started a campaign to gather as many signatures as possible to oppose the change and secure a future for the cars of the past on London's roads.

It plans to deliver the petition personally to London mayor Boris Johnson in a convoy of classic cars.

Click here to join the campaign and sign the petition. 

For our story detailing the threat click here. 


Martyn Cleasby

We must win this one!

Martyn from Barnsley


if classic car´s get baned from the citys, all have a big loose
in our old city´s it is good to see cars from the past, for all, for residents and also for all visitors, is not to understand why real classic car´s are ban, a real oldtimer has to be in old citys on street

regards from vienna (with near the same problem)


Barrie J

It's sacrilege to suggest that Classic cars should be banned from the centre of London, they are as much part of London's heritage as the Tower and Nelson's Column.


Instead, we could demolish all of London's draughty old buildings - perhaps anything pre-1973 - and replace them with new, energy-efficient constructions.

Boris, there's no such thing as a zero-emission vehicle; even cyclists fart.

Just another example of absurd political posturing by people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Chris Leopold


I used to drive a 52 (2002) plate LDV Luton van with Ford Transit engine and 5 speed gearbox. I now drive a 2013 Fiat Ducato Luton, with 6 speed box for greater economy. The old LDV consistently returned an average of 33mpg. The new Fiat? 24mpg....



Today London, tomorrow the world ?

This is ludicrous, you hardly ever see classics in London anyway, so what's the point of banning the few that are there ? Offhand I can think of a T-Bird, a Renault Caravelle and an A35 in the Marylebone area and a few SLs in Mayfair, but that's about it.


I live in SW London and use my 1971 BMW 2002 as daily transport. I don't see why I should have to buy a modern car, when it could be argued that I contribute less pollution overall, by using a car that has been around for so long.
I look forward to us all descending on London, in order to deliver the petition and would encourage all of us, who probably wouldn't usually go to such things, to attend. The more of us that go, the more weight we add to our argument and the more publicity we can attract. Added to which, it will brighten up London's streets to see 100's of classic cars!


Boris is pre-73, so can't we get rid of him?


It won't happen. The ban as proposed would have to include black cabs wouldn't it?

J A Pearce Engi...

Another example of poorly-thought-through, nanny state legislation.
Taking classic cars out of London is the equivalent of knocking down the Houses of Parliament and replacing it with another modern carbunkle to save on the heating bill.

J A Pearce Engineering

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